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CEOHiroyuki Akiyama

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Since our establishment in 2010,
we have been developing Payment System globally.

Over 30 professional engineer with over 100
partners as our entire project capability.

We are more than welcome to Fintech quotation through our online form
from domestic as well as overseas.



CEOHiroyuki Akiyama


  • Cash-less Payment

    We have been developing platform system for "Face2Face" and "Non-
    transactions by payment applications with any types of cords as well as
    authentication system.
    (e.g. barcode, QR-code, SMS and all kind of original way.

  • Card Payment

    We offer professional service in developing payment platform and also in
    its consultation.
    Our support is not only aquiring process and issuring process, but also
    all other payment process of systematic aspect.

    Card Types: Credit and Debit with all international brands.
    Prepaid and House for all retailor.

  • Crowdfunding

    There are 6 types of Systems for Crowdfunding.

    ・Buy: Individuals invest to a particular project and gain its return of
    goods or service.

    ・Lending: Collect funds from individuals and pay for the interests for

    ・Contribution: The purpose is mainly for donation, so that there are no
    expected return,
    however contributors may take documents or photoes or souvenirs.

    ・Collect Funds: Company collect funds from worldwide for a particular
    project, and then distribute its profit to investors.

    ・Buying share of Unlisted company: To provide shares of unlisted
    company to collect funds.

    ・Residential TAX (Furusato-Nouzei in Japan)
    Each municipality hold self-govering project, so individuals are able
    to pay residential tax to prefered city
    and can choose to gain goods or service or just for the donation.

  • Virtual currency

    We are professional for developing transaction system for "Legal
    Currency" as well as "Points".
    However, as we are good at developing financial system, we are strongly
    keen to work on block chain system for further Research and Development.

  • Any Original Financial System

    We have huge know-how of Finantial technology by both business flow and
    system aspects.
    Therefore, we can discuss and develop with client with Original NEW-
    Service with Original NEW-System.
    Please go to Enquiry page and fill in the form to us as a first step.


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